Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans

Ø 400 - 1600 mm in the range of 13 different diameter, Self-flanged, BS729 hot-deep galvanized sheet metal casing, Cast aluminum adjustable blade angle impellers, Die cast aluminum alloy fan hubs, Optimum capacity obtained hub and adjustable blade combinations, IP 67 terminal box is on the fan casing, Aerodynamic profile impellers allow high efficiency and low noise, F300 and F400 certificate harmonized with EN 12101-3, Electrical motors with IP55 and H class insulation from 0,75 kW to 55 kW, Space-saving structure and the ability to easily connect between the two ducts, Horizontal and vertical mounting. Operating temperature 300 °C and 400 °C for 2 hours. Accessories; Silencer Counter Flange Mounting Bracket Vibration Absorber Mountings One Way Damper
Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans
  • Axial Smoke Exhaust Fans
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